bright & dark matters

Bubbles from Venice

I met Pippifax. a street artist, in a shitty hostel in Venice. She does soap bubbles. Big bubbles! I helped her during my last day in Venezia. So i did amazing pictures on a square. People's expression, light, bubbles, all perfect. I am very happy with the result of those moments!
Then she asked me to take pics of her making bubbles over the bridge close by the square... Then I went to take the best angles again. so I went to the other side of the canal. In this moment I started to get more super great pictures! But suddenly, I didn't saw the access stairs to the canal, and, as I was walking slowly backwards I felt 1,5m over it. I hit the stair full of moss... consequently and instantaneously... I felt inside of the canal loosing my mobile and all pictures of that day. Puf, puf.

Ink Pen + Digital Illustration