Art Director + Visual Artist + Photographer

Shit People Say [Personal Project]

I am very VERY proud of been the Movie Director and one of the Script Writers of this amazing "shit people say".  A viral YouTube series created by me and some friends.

It wasn't just (and only) funny series about slang and how people talk back in my hometown (a Italian colonised city in south of Brasil). It was a tribute to all elder relatives who still talk Italians dialect or have very strong accent. It turned in a very kind way to remember grandpa and grandma (if they are faraway or gone).

The series is quite renowned around south Brasil. It was quite a buzz! The most famous episode has more than 1 million views after 2 years.

WARNINGUnfortunately you must understand Portuguese AND Italian dialect (from Venêto) AAND to have born somewhere close to my hometown region to full understanding why this is so good and why I am so proud of it!