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Commissioning Troito's artwork


Commissioning Troito's Art

Would you like to have Troito's artwork in a specific size, technique, material? Maybe briefing thematic and also colours? Do you prefer letting Troito get wild and let him in charge of all these details? or at least some of them? No problem! We can manage it. Fill the following form and we will return soon as possible with a budget for producing and delivering the requested artwork.

How does it work?

Fill the form below, describe your perfect artwork, set your budget and set a completion date. We will get in touch to discuss your requirements. You will be able even to send us images for inspiration if needed. 

Based in all the details we will determinate the final price and let you know. You can then decide if you accept it or not. If you say "yes, let's do it" we will need a deposit of 30% to start the work and later when you’re happy with the final piece you pay the remainder.  

Get regular progress updates

Once your job is accepted, Troito will be with you every step of the way via email with sketches, photos and regular updates.

Still not clear? Read the Frequently Asked question below the form

Name *
Choose the sort of material you prefer for your artwork
Troito loves taking new challenges. Suggest another technique and we will check if it's possible to make it
Please, remember to give all 3 measures for sculptures or for thicker wall painting over wood. Also you can decide if you need it precisely or estimated.
Not clear? Estimated? Max.? Please let Troito know
Completion date
Completion date
We will let you know if it's possible to finish the project and deliver it on time. Or, we will let you know an alternative deadline. If you don't have a completion date in mind please leave this field empty. Please: Month / Day / Year
Address for delivery *
Address for delivery
Anything else to add or to ask?


Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for a commissioned artwork?

Once Troito has agreed to take on your commission, we will be in touch via email to take a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is typically 30% of the final artwork value, as agreed between yourself and the artist. 

Troito will then start to work on your artwork and you will pay the balance when the artwork is finished and is ready to be delivered.

How can I check the progress of my commissioned artwork?

Troito will be in touch with sketches, regular photos and updates via email. 

Can I return a commissioned artwork?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns of commissioned artworks. 

How much will it cost?

That’s up to you and the artist! You set your budget when you first commission the artist via the initial contact form (above) and the artist will liaise with you to reach a fair price. 

How long will it take?

That’s up to you and Troito. You can stipulate a deadline when you first commission the artist via the initial contact form. 

What can I commission?

Anything you like! Whether it’s a portrait of your dog jumping in the backyard, a landscape to fill that space above your fireplace, or an artwork similar to one that you have seen elsewhere - or in Troito's portfolio. Be sure to give the artist a clear idea of your requirements - you can even send photos to give him a better idea.


Any new question? Get in touch