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*Copa90 [Content, Experiential, PR]

3 ideas for Copa90


The brief asked us to make Copa90 more edgy as Vice Sports. Copa90 is a Youtube channel made for real football fans.

What was my role in these spec ideas? ART DIRECTOR + DESIGNER

Copa90 has developed a new platform that will help put football fan fighters in the right place – the boxing ring.

Copa90 will create a special platform to organise boxing matches and championships between similar-sized rival fans who would be picked from their respective fan base – an entertaining, safe and civilized way help crowds vent their anger. The platform would work as CRM tool, allowing fans to engage and interact with the fan-fighters in the most varied ways: from following their profiles on the website, to sending them messages of encouragement and even betting on them.




A CRM platform with an unique streaming radio made by the most well-informed fans among the 200 football loving makers. The idea is to have other fans listening to it the whole day when their team is playing, to find out all they need to know about the match. Before and even during the game It would be possible for fans to customise the commentator's style according to their own preferences: from a more playful tone, to a more aggressive or even complete nonsense.





Never Stop Playing.

We live and breathe sport. And we know how frustrating it must be for sport-lovers when they are deprived of playing their favourite ball game. This is why, in partnership with London City Councils, we've thought of a simple and easy way to help amateur players to kick – or throw – that frustration away. For every "No Ball Games" sign in the city, we would place, next to it, another sign showing where the nearest courts in town are. By scanning the QR codes on the sign, people would get the directions on the map, and also information and details about each court – so no one has to stop playing.



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