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Football for DEAF AND BLIND SUPPORTERS [spec, device]

deaf and blind Supporters tablet



Deaf and blind people struggle to follow and support football matches.


Mobile and videogame-console vibration technology will be used to create a device that helps blind people follow the football matches.

Launching in a Champions League derby, players and the ball will be tagged with a GPS system – this way mapping entire match. The device will have a tablet-sized screen made up of led light bulbs. 

Each led light lamp will represent one player and each bulb will be connected to the vibration system.


What was my role in this spec project? ART DIRECTOR + DESIGNER






More details:

All players from one team will have one type of vibration, meanwhile, the other team will have another vibration frequency.

The ball will also have a different type of vibration. When a player has possession of the ball [ball + player] it will have the team’s vibration but with a stronger intensity.

The border surrounding the device will have two rows of led lamps representing the two crowds. When the team from the left scores the entire left border will vibrate, for instance. 

Besides vibration, the led lights will have different colours representing each team, ball and crowd – which will also help people with low vision to follow the game.



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