Acrylics over wasted wood art pieces found on the shore.

Art exhibition - Åland / Finland

The exhibition Hem Ljuva Hem was shaped with the junction of many elements collected by the Brazilian visual artist Rodrigo Troitiño in his stay at Eckerö Post & Customs as May’s resident artist. Wasted woods found on the rocks around Eckerö’s shore have been the base for inspiration and painting. With the artist’s need to recycle theses wood and to transform it into art pieces Åland turned in a place with unlimited inspiration. Like a puzzle the wasted wood pieces received Röd mylla houses on fishers boat, Deers, daily coffee’s good feelings, lighthouses and boats observed from windows, artist’s eyes. Art and Åland transformed Troitiño’s stay in a Hem
Ljuva Hem.
“Each one of us is an island in movement. Over this piece of land we build ourself and our very personal cozy home.” Rodrigo Troitiño

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