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Everyone loves to hate London – or would it be the other way around?  Whichever way, everyone has a love hate relationship with the shitty, I mean, city. Thinking of this, we've decided to make the hate bit a little more fun. Rantometer is an interactive platform that allows everyone to check what people are ranting the most about in London. 

With Rantometer, not only will you be able to check which the top rants are, but also to get things off your chest in the most effective way: by sharing them – either via the website or simply using the hashtag #rantometer.

The platform will also send push notifications to let people know if there's someone ranting about the same thing nearby (a ranting soulmate maybe?).

Rantometer helps turn rants into entertainment. Afterall, holding grudges isn't good for anyone's health.


What have I done in this spec project? IDEA / ART DIRECTION + DESIGN


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