Rodrigo Troitiño, a Brazilian artist, brings to London “The Unknowns’ Good Feelings Portraits”, an interactive art project. 


Rodrigo Troitiño, 34 years old, has been working with acrylics and stencils since 2004. Making use of unusual surface, wood and craft paper etc, he is known for creating unique pieces with a street art feel that overflow good energies. Since 1999 he has been participating in collective and solo exhibitions in U.S., Brazil, Spain, Russia and Finland. From his travels around the world he brings in his luggage a fresh project called “The Unknowns Good Feelings Portraits",

Troitiño just moved to London and with him this peculiar interactive art project created by himself using hatching technique with ink, paint and oil pastels creating portraits of good feelings for unknown people with the intuition and crafted spontaneity required by his 20 minute time-frame.

“The inspiration to the portrait comes from the unknown’s good feelings and it doesn’t necessarily shows physical aspects. The person sits at front of me, we talk and by the same time I draw intuitively. The participant is essential to the process. At the end of the exhibition people who had their good feelings drawn can go back to the cafe and take their drawing having extremely personal fragments on it”, said Rodrigo Troitiño.

The Brazilian artist’s happy project continues with the exhibition of his art produced at Ziferblat. This will be the Sixth edition of this singular art event that already happened in Barcelona, Brazil, Moscow, Finland and by the Camino de Santiago (Spain).

Ziferblat is Shoreditch’s secret living-room; a home for all where you pay by time while you work, play, eat, meet people and make adventures happen. Venue Special Offer: Ziferblat is giving all guests one hour free to come and welcome this artist to the UK.

What: The Unknowns’ Good Feelings Portraits - Interactive art intervention and Exhibition

When: September 20th - from 16:00 to 22:00 (Sep. 28th and Oct. 5th to be confirmed)

Where: Ziferblat London, 388 Old st, EC1V 9LT

Opening: One hour free (after £3 per hour)

Experience/Portrait: £10


Caxias do Sul - Brazil - 2014:


Moscow - 2014:

Camino de Santiago - 2014:


Barcelona - 2014: