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Passos à Part [exhibition]

Passos à Part

2015' Exhibition

Maloca Barcelona

Passos   à part

Passos à Part is an exhibition where the protagonist is the dance. Using acrylics-over-canvas as technique the exhibition was inspired on the pop-culture and its dancing film's climax such as Chaplin and his Bread Roll Dance; Mary Poppings and her spins on the air; Hippies in the park dancing Acquarius (Hair); 50's Batman series; among others.

The famous french director Jean-Luc Godard's movie called Bande à Part was used as inspiration not only for one of the paintings but also for the name of the exhibition. It refers, by one hand, to the prominent steps of the dance in the history of pop-culture and, by the other hand, to the own Artist's steps into the art field.


Rodrigo Troitiño (Troito), 37 years old, is a Brazilian-born artist who besides of Brazil lived in Denver/US, Barcelona/Spain, Åland/Finland and today is based in London/UK. 

Troitiño art's aspiration goes to the opposite direction of the shocking and criticising contemporary art. Mixing Expressionism and Pop-art Rodrigo Troitiño provides a fountain of good feelings to the observer.

Artist's Biography here