Welcome Post

So! Here I am starting my new blog. And this is my welcome Post. There were couple years since I haven't been in action as a Blogger since my old http://voala.blogspot.com. Let's see what happens.

Let me present my self, my name is Rodrigo Troitiño visual artist since I am alive, Art Director since 2002. Brazilian living in Barcelona, Spain. I do this* color full art with stencils and acrylics as most people like but I do use some others techniques as well, as "O Homem Banda de Um Instrumento Só"  (take a look after reading this Post).

So, about Troito's Way blog. It will not be only related to my art but to my day-by-day as well. Here you will find what my eye see, my thought, some philosophy, feelings, and yes, art in general (paint, music, poetry, theater, cinema and any other thing that looks like art).




* this:

palhao malabarista - D_860_860.JPG

If you got down here you deserve a plus! This is me almost naked:

rodrigo HOY 2.jpg