Art Director + Visual Artist + Photographer

Movement—Hope for Happiness

The following photos are about the relationship between eye, life and its moving process. Life is deeply related to the movement since the very begin of the universe. By observing this natural phenomenon Troito uses photography to portrait moments in motion and highlight the pleasant feeling of it and also its importance to our life. — "It seems to me that movement is the cause of our existence and it can also be a solution for an infinite of situations, from keeping fit to visiting a relative you miss, for example. Nevertheless one of the most important point to consider about this physical condition is that movement can be hope for happiness." — This collection by Rodrigo Troitiño is a selection of pictures taken around Amsterdam during 2018 and 2019. – Troito is a Visual Artist, Art Director and Photographer developing his photography in a more serious way since 2017 when he bought a DSLR camera. Since 2018 he turns his photos into black and white tones, a way to emphasize shapes, movement, light and expression.

BICYCLES_02_IMG_2813 2000px.jpg
BICYCLES_01_IMG_2710 _2000px.jpg
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DOG_02_A_IMG_3466 BW 2000px.jpg
SOPHIA_03_IMG_3672 copy 2000px.jpg
SOPHIA_02_IMG_3648 _5 BW.jpg
SOPHIA_02_IMG_3645 copy BW.jpg
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DOGGY_02_IMG_6661 copy BW 2000px.jpg
DOGGY_01_IMG_6659 copy BW 2000px.jpg
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DOG_02_B_IMG_3456 copy BW_2nd-crop_2000px.jpg
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