Dark Matters.

Fruki Guaraná [Experiential, Social, PR]

Fruki Energy Drink

More often than not, waking up early is a pain in the arse. Fruki guaraná is a typical Brazilian energy drink that perks up your mornings and helps you start your day full of vitality.

What have I done in this spec project? IDEA / ART DIRECTION + DESIGN



Wake-Up Gifs [SOCIAL]

Using gifs' shareability, dynamic, and continuous loops, we thought of making an innovative digital campaign that is simple, fun, and easy to spread.

By making a website that would provide a series of wake up pranks short clips and different Fruki icons, we would allow people to combine both elements and create their own epic gifs.

People would be able to upload their own videos or to use the films from Fruki's database to create unique animations

The result would be a bunch of fun gifs in the social medias signed by fruki  



Epic Wake-Ups by Fruki [activation]

To show Frukis' awakening power, we would launch an activation/experiential campaign to wake up people in the most epic ways ever.

1. First off, we would make a post looking for people with a heavy sleep.

2. Then, counting on the help of family & friends, we would arrange to 'kidnap' the person, removing them out of their house whilst they're still asleep.

3. We would then take them to a massive event packed with people, where they would be woken up in the most unexpected way ever.

4. The idea is to film just a few experiences and turn them into PR content, which would then be shared on social media for the whole World to see.




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